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  • 11. ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01

    ), the total change in glaciated area may be approximated as DSa = 1 g DVa V1 S1 ; (8) in case DVa < 0 or if DVa > 0 and there is sufficient previously ice-covered space to readvance the ice margin (and DSa = 0 in case DVa >= 0 and there is insufficient space to advance the ice margin). The change in average ice thickness is Dha = V1 +DVa S1 +DSa h1 ; (9) TóJ 8 5.12.2009 Memo in case DVa < 0, and Dha =DVa /media/ces/ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01.pdf
  • 12. VI_2009_006_tt

    to theoretical framework. I do also want to thank him for an enjoyable time during this work, both in the office and in the field. This work was carried out as a part of the Skaftá cauldrons research project which was funded and supported by the Icelandic Centre For Research (RANNÍS), Kvískerja- sjóður, the NASA Astrobiology Institute, Landsvirkjun (the National Power Com- pany), the National Energy /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2009/VI_2009_006_tt.pdf
  • 13. GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen

    ). Meteorological observations carried out on Storbreen in the summer of 1955 (Liestøl1967) revealed that net radiation is the most impor-tant contributor to the ablation at Storbreen. An au-tomatic weather station (AWS) has bee operatedin the ablation zone of Storbreen since September2001 providing a near-continuous series of meteor- ology and surface energy balance data. Analysis ofthe first five years /media/ces/GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen.pdf
  • 14. VI_2014_006

    the com- plexity of the hydrological processes through modelling, but its application is usually limited to the short-range. Although the results demonstrated a great potential for this method, its success- ful application in real-time will strongly depend on the quality and availability of streamflow observations, which can be poor or simply missing during periods of variable durations, e.g /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2014/VI_2014_006.pdf
  • 15. Daniell_etal-2010

    to provide input to WFD implementation [6; 5; 7; 3] [8; 4]. This previously highly political issue became business as usual for stakeholders and authorities alike, and the process outcomes were a welcome input into the formal participatory process of the Bezirksregierung [2; 1]. Collaborative process design in a Trialogue team The second challenge relates to the design of a participatory process /media/loftslag/Daniell_etal-2010.pdf
  • 16. ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report

    ) is shown. At the margin the grid boxes of the RCAO RCM are visible. The area between Illulisat and Swiss camp is commonly called Paakitsôq. respectively. The Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) Swiss Camp and Crawford are located on the ice sheet and are operated by the Greenland Climate Network (GC-net) (Steffen and Box, 2001). The locations of the stations are indicated in Fig. 1, further details /media/ces/ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report.pdf
  • 17. Machguth_Horst_CES_2010

    experiments with different RCM’s • explore RCM biases • apply a different mass balance model data 2 RCM’s • HIRHAM4, Scenario A1B, 25 km, 1950-2100, Greenland • RCAO, Scenario A1B, 50 km, 1960-2100, Pan-Arctic 4 Weather Stations (Ta, Sin) • GC-Net Swiss Camp: 1150 m a.s.l. (1995 – 2006) • GC-Net Crawford: 2020 m a.s.l. (1995 – 2006) • Asiaq Station 437: 300 m a.s.l. (1983 – 2006) • DMI Illulisat /media/ces/Machguth_Horst_CES_2010.pdf
  • 18. Perrels-CBA

    Integrated • Infrastructure • Large size, indivisibilities, layers, network effects • Long lifetime, economic & spatial structuring • Public good features, implications of market organization 8/26/2011Adriaan Perrels/IL 3 26.8.2011Adriaan Perrels/IL 4 Climate change impacts – temporal profiles Duration of the state resulting from the change* Temporal profile of the unfolding of the change /media/loftslag/Perrels-CBA.pdf
  • 19. IPPC-2007-ar4_syr

    data, models or analyses, then the following scale of confidence levels is used to express the assessed chance of a finding being correct: very high confidence at least 9 out of 10; high confidence about 8 out of 10; medium confidence about 5 out of 10; low confidence about 2 out of 10; and very low confidence less than 1 out of 10. Where uncertainty in specific outcomes is assessed using expert /media/loftslag/IPPC-2007-ar4_syr.pdf
  • 20. Joining forces in weather forecasting and climate research

    of how climate change will impact our countries” says Árni.A sustainable solution Powered entirely by Icelandic hydropower and geothermal energy sources and taking advantage of the local tempered climate for keeping the supercomputer components cool, the running costs and CO2 footprint will be kept to a minimum, saving tonnes of CO2 in line with the four nations' efforts towards reaching Net /about-imo/news/joining-forces-in-weather-forecasting-and-climate-research

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