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  • 31. Avalanche bulletin - Southwest corner

    /* Áttaviti */ .attaviti { /* width: 277px; height: 300px; */ width: 80px; height: 95px; } .directions .n, .directions .na, .directions .a, .directions .sa, .directions .s, .directions .sv, .directions .v, .directions .nv { fill: #BDD7EE; } .n-active /avalanches/forecast/southwest_corner/
  • 32. esa_flyer_new

    EA Analyse A/S and Optensys Energianalys will forecast energy system variables, while SINTEF Energy Research will make assumptions for the energy system in different cases, include new inputs in the EMPS model and carry out simulations. Cl i ma t e Sc e nar i os G ro u p R i s ø St o c h as t i c v a r i a b l e s Clima t e s c e n a r i o NV E S M H I FE I N o r w a y S w e d e n F inla n /media/ces/esa_flyer_new.pdf
  • 33. Borgarhöfn - weather station - information

    Borgarhöfn - weather station - information NameBorgarhöfn TypeAutomated observational station Station number35116 WMO number-99 Abbreviationborgh Forecast regionSouth East(sa /weather/stations/
  • 34. CES_BioFuels_Flyer_new

    ) and changing climate (CC:CC) 1. Current climate (CU) - varying thinning regimes (0%, 15%, 30%,45%) 2. Changing climate (CC) - varying thinning regimes (0%, 15%, 30%,45%) 3. Current (CU) & changing climate (CC) - current thinning regime 4. Current (CU) & changing climate (CC) - changed thinning regimes C l i m a t e s c e n a r i o s M ea s u r e m en t s o f c l i m a t e p /media/ces/CES_BioFuels_Flyer_new.pdf
  • 35. IMO_AnnualReport2014

    closely. Photo: Sigurlaug Gunnlaugsdóttir. Bárðarbunga Pálmi Erlendsson, Bergur H. Bergsson and others installing GPS and com- munication equipment. Photos: Þorgils Ingvarsson and Benedikt G. Ófeigsson. I C E L A N D I C M E T O F F I C E / A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 4 5 The magma intrusion from Bárðarbunga to the eruption site at Holuhraun and related tremor pulses Increased /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/IMO_AnnualReport2014.pdf
  • 36. ces-oslo2010_proceedings

    ........................................................................................... 56 James-Smith, E. Using the CES risk assessment framework in the distribution sector ................................................................... 58 Keränen, J., Kilpeläinen, A., Gode, J., Molarius, R., Schabel, J. and James-Smith, E. Case study – Using the CES risk assessment framework in the biomass and wind power sectors ....................... 60 POSTERS /media/ces/ces-oslo2010_proceedings.pdf
  • 37. Eyjafjallajokull_status-leidr_2010-05-05_IES_IMO

    measurements, MODIS satellite image; reports from people via phone and the IMO web site, information from the Icelandic Coast Guard flight yesterday. Eruption plume: Height (a.s.l.): Plume at 5.5-6.5 km height according to IMO's weather radar; reached up to 7.2 km 40 SA of eruption site at 17:45 and 8 km height just SE of eruption site at 16:55. Information from ISAVIA: 18-20,000 ft at 14:50 /media/jar/Eyjafjallajokull_status-leidr_2010-05-05_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 38. Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs

    ). This can be helpful with respect to finding a common structure in presenting as well in session reporting (for which angles mentioned in the opening session statements of the Workshop participants can provide checkpoints).” Session rapporteur allocation M o n d a y 2 9 . 8 Y u a n g Z h e n g A t h a n a s i o s V o t s i s E i v i n d J u n k e r M i c h a e l L a i h o H e c to r /media/loftslag/Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs.pdf
  • 39. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    /EPP 2 Stakeholders analysis 26 August 2011 PM/YZ/EPP 3 Stake h o l d e r s P u b l i c / p r i v at e P o w e r l e v e l (“ n u i s an ce” ca p a c i t y ) O r i e n tat i o n H or s t e n s m uni c ipal i t y ( c o m pe t e n t a u t h ori t y ) P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e N eighbour mun i c i p ali t y P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e Poli c y /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 40. VED_AnnualReport-2013_screen

    Annual report  ? Icelandic Met O?e  Bústaðavegur –  Reykjavík Iceland Editors: Sigurlaug Gunnlaugsdóttir Sigrún Karlsdóttir Ingvar Kristinsson Theódór F. Hervarsson Design and layout: Vinnustofa Atla Hilmarssonar Printing: Oddi Cover photo: Oddur Sigurðsson ISSN - The Icelandic Meteorological O?ce, IMO, is responsi - ble for real-time monitoring and forecasting /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/arsskyrslur/VED_AnnualReport-2013_screen.pdf

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