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  • 21. Traffc-maintenance_expenditures

    Manage- Basic Purchase Road Road net- Const- Acquisi- Govern- Com- Participati- Value Miscel- Total 2009 ment and road of equip- system work post- ruction tion of ment missi- on of the added laneous cost operating manage- ment develop- poned-, of land grants ons European tax over- level costs ment ment comprehen- build- and com- Regional De- heads 1991- 1991- sive- and ings pensation /media/loftslag/Traffc-maintenance_expenditures.pdf
  • 22. VI_2014_005

    indicatorOfParameter=141 <earliest boundary data filename> <modified filename>. Glaciers are defined as permanent snow and ice in the model, and are described by static fields in the surface scheme. 8 These differences are taken into account following WMO guidelines (WMO, 2008), whereby wind speeds are projected to 10 mAGL by S(10m) = S(h) ln(10=z0) ln(h=z0) : (1) For Iceland the surface roughness length z0 /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2014/VI_2014_005.pdf
  • 23. VI_2019_009

    with the following equation, h = c t 2 where c is the speed of light (c = 2.99 x 108 m/s). In principle, CL51 is able to detect three cloud layers simultaneously, but if the cloud base is obscured due to precipitation or ground-based fog, vertical visibility is reported. Information about fog and precipitation can also be derived from the return signal as they attenuate the return signal from a cloud. In its /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2019/VI_2019_009.pdf
  • 24. Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006

    level, surveys commissioned by the European Com- munity/the European Union provide an indication of trends in concern about cli- mate change. Since 1992, such surveys have been undertaken among representative samples of citizens in its Member States, and specifically on topics related to the environment (Special Eurobarometers (EB) in 1992, 1995, 2002; and a Flash EB in 2002). These have included /media/loftslag/Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006.pdf
  • 25. 2013_001_Nawri_et_al

    over complex terrain. On sunny and otherwise calm days, wind speeds associated with sea breezes can reach up to 10 m s 1 at various locations around the Icelandic coast (Einarsson, 1976). Land 11 breezes occur less frequently and are generally weaker. On intermediate time-scales of several days, temporal variability is primarily due to the evolution and passage of cyclonic storm systems. Cyclones /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2013/2013_001_Nawri_et_al.pdf
  • 26. Reykholt-abstracts

    Lidar measurements of the cryosphere Reykholt, Iceland, June 20–21, 2013 Lidar measurements of the cryosphere Reykholt, Iceland, June 20–21, 2013 Abstract volume Lidar map of the ice-covered stratovolcano Öræfajökull in S-Vatnajökull, S-Iceland, surveyed by TopScan GmbH in August 2011 Lidar measurements of the cryosphere /media/vatnafar/joklar/Reykholt-abstracts.pdf
  • 27. VI_2020_004

  • 28. GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen

    the principalmethods have not changed much over the years, theamount of field work has varied. In the first 15 yearsthe monitoring programme at Storbreen was com-prehensive, often three or more snow density pits were dug, snow depth was measured at about 600points and ablation was measured on 30 stakes evenly distri uted on the glacier (Liestøl 1967).Based on experience of the snow pattern, the ob- servations /media/ces/GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen.pdf
  • 29. 2015-03-12_vatnsvedurogstormar_en

    weather forecast: Two low pressure systems are forecast to reach Iceland during the period from Friday morning until Saturday evening. The forecast is for southeast 20-25 m/s, (strong gale to storm) tomorrow, Friday, but south 25-30 m/s (storm to violent storm) on Saturday. A heavy rainfall warning has also been issued for these lows.. Travel conditions will be poor in the south and west /media/frettir/myndasafn/2015/2015-03-12_vatnsvedurogstormar_en.pdf
  • 30. Warning due to gale winds and heavy precipitation

    southeast- and easterly winds are expected in the southern and western parts of Iceland with heavy rain. Mean wind speed will be 13 to 20 m/s and occasional gusts around 30 m/s or more. The strongest wind is expected at the southwest coast and in the western part of the highlands. There, mean wind speed might be 18 to 23 m/s and gusts up to 40 m/s. Travellers are warned that tents and light trailers /about-imo/news/nr/2501

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