Low level flight conditions over Iceland

                 Low level flight conditions over Iceland


OUTLOOK 1700 - 2300 GMT.

Winds/temperature at significant levels:
FL050: 320/20-40KT, most wind in the NE, -04
FL100: 330/20-40KT least wind in NW, -12
FL180: 360/20-40KT gradually 290/20-50KT in the W, most wind in SW, -27

Overview of weather systems:
An extensive, but slowly weakening 950 mb low, 250 km NNE of Jan Mayen, is moving N.

Near surface winds:
NW 10-20KT.

Cloud heights/visibility/weather:
BKN/OVC at 1000-2000 FT in the N- and NE-parts and also in the S-part at first, with ISOL EMB CB. Poor visibility in showers of rain and sleet. FEW/SCT 2000-4000FT and good visibility in the W-part and gradually also in the S. Tops around or above 15.000 FT.

Visual flight conditions in Iceland:
Poor or impassable in N- and NE-part and also in the S at first, but mostly good elsewhere.

Freezing level:
1000-1500FT, but gradually at the surface in the NE- and E-parts.

Atmospheric or cloud icing:
MOD in showers of rain and CBs.

MOD in showers of rain and CBs.

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