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  • 1. Dataseries and components

    Analysed components - IMO's research: Sulphur and salinity measurements: Precipitation: SO4-S, NO3-N, Cl, Na, Mg, K, Ca (mg/l) Precipitation: conductivity (µS/cm), quantity (mm), pH Aerosol: SO4-S, Cl, Na, Mg, K, Ca, Fe (µg/m3) Air: SO2-S (µg/m3) Heavy metals in precipitation: Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Cr, Ni, Fe, Mn, V, As, Al (ng/ml) Cl, NO3-N, SO4-S, Na, K, Ca, Mg, NH4-N, Br, F (µg/ml) conductivity (µS/cm /pollution-and-radiation/pollution/components/
  • 2. Grimsvotn_status_2011-05-23_IES_IMO

    in the northwest. A sample from Kirkjubæjarklaustur has been analyzed, which was taken around 1h on 22 May. The grains are glassy with micro crystals of plagioclase. Samples well sorted. Whole rock analysis: Basalt, with 50-51 Wt% SiO2 Leachate results: 5-10 mg/kg of waterdissolvable flour Grain size distribution: about 10 /media/jar/Grimsvotn_status_2011-05-23_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 3. QA on the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull 2010

    health, for example the respiratory system. The fluorine content is approximately 850 mg/kg according to chemical analysis carried out by the Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, on a sample taken 19 April. An earlier sample since 14 April only measured 25-35 mg/kg of fluorine because the water vapour from melting ice rinsed the ash. When the eruption progressed, water became less /earthquakes-and-volcanism/articles/nr/1880
  • 4. Pollution

    closer to Reykjavík, eight years before that. As elsewhere in Europe sulphur concentration is lower now than when measurements began. Average value of sulphur is about 0.5 mg/l in precipitation, about 0.1 μg/m3 in aerosol and about 0.07 μg/m3 in air. Stórhöfði - a seashore background station Stórhöfði is at the south end of island Heimaey which is the largest of the Westman islands /pollution-and-radiation/pollution/
  • 5. Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010

    Dominant height (m) Basal area just after thinning area threshold 60 80 100 120 Energy wood (Mg ha-1) 60 80 100 120 60 80 100 120 17 Findings: ecosystem CO2 balance 548.4 400 600 7.8 150.4 0 200 -200 O 2 m - 2 -390.86 -600 -400 g C O 1000 -800 -1097.6-1200 - Management Litter Humus 18 Emissions Capture Balance Conclusions • Large amount of unutilised energy biomass are available in Finland • Climate /media/ces/Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010.pdf
  • 6. Bardarbunga_kafli20140825

    systems in Iceland during the past 11 centuries: frequency, periodicity and implications. In Smellie JL and Chapman MG (eds): Volcano-Ice Interactions on Earth and Mars. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 202: 81-90. Larsen G, Guðmundsson MT, Einarsson P and Thordarson T. 2013. BÁRÐARBUNGA. In: Sólnes S, Sigmundsson F, Bessason B (eds.): Náttúruvá á Íslandi - Eldgos og /media/jar/Bardarbunga_kafli20140825.pdf
  • 7. Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006

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