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Björnsson, H. & Snorrason, Á. (2009). Icelandic perspectives on adaption to climate change Í: Climate sense : [WCC-3], consulting editor Ghassem R. Asrar. Tudor Rose, Leicester, s. 238-239.

Snorrason Á., Björnsson H., Harðardóttir J. (2010). The Climate and Energy Systems (CES) project: a summary of main results. XXVI Nordic hydrological conference, Riga, Latvia August 9-11 2010. Nordic hydrological programme report No. 51.

Snorrason, Á., Harðardóttir, J. & Björnsson, H. (2009). Climate and Energy Systems (CES) 2007-2010. A new Nordic-Baltic energy research project. World Climate Conference (WCC-3). Geneva.

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Snorrason, Á. & Harðardóttir, J. (2008). Climate and Energy Systems (CES) 2007-2010. A new Nordic energy research project. In O. G. B. Sveinsson, S. M. Garðarsson and S. Gunnlaugsdóttir (Eds.), Northern hydrology and its global role: XXV Nordic hydrological conference, Nordic Association for Hydrology, Reykjavík, Iceland August 11-13, 2008, pp 591-596. Reykjavík: Icelandic Hydrological Committee.


Snorrason, Á (2007). Loftlagsbreytingar og áhrif þeirra á vatnafar. Presented at the Ársfundur Orkustofnunar, Akureyri, March 23, 2007. OS-2007/001, 46-60. Extended abstract (pdf).

Examples of presentations

Snorrason, Á (2007). Climate and energy systems; risks, potential and adaption. Presented at Nordic Energy Research, Oslo, Norway, March 9, 2007.

Snorrason, Á (2007). Climate and renewable energy in the Nordic countries. Presented at Anchorage, Alaska, October 15-19, 2007.

Snorrason, Á (2007). Future prospects and challenges for energy from moving water. Presented at symposium on Energy from Moving Water, Stockholm, Sweden, November 11, 2007.

Halldór Björnsson (2009). Hydropower and Climate change. International Hydropower Association World Congress 2009 Reykjavik June 23-26 2009.

Halldór Björnsson (2009). Recent Climate Change in Iceland. MOCA conference (IAMAS-IAPSO-IACS 2009 Joint Assembly) Montreal, Canada, July 19-29, 2009.

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