Travel information

Travel information

Lidar 2013

You can travel to Keflavík airport from many airports in Europe up to several times a day with the the airlines Icelandair, WOW air, and Scandinavian Airlines. Icelandair offers flights to Iceland from several American cities. Prices can be compared at dohop search engine, which may offer additional airlines.

There are frequent bus connections to the main bus terminal in Reykjavík,  see map. The bus trip takes less than an hour. Most aircraft land in the morning or early afternoon leaving ample time to
catch the workshop bus that departs from the main bus terminal in Reykavík at 18:00 on Wednesday 19 June arriving at Reykholt hótel, see map below, around 19:30.

Those who want to rent their own car can check e.g. Avis or Europcar car rentals, or check their favourite car rental search engines.

There will be a bus from Reykholt to Reykjavík on Friday afternoon that can be used by participants that are not planning to participate in the Langjökull excursion. There will also be a bus in the evening from Langjökull to Reykjavík for the excursion participants.

Participants who want to stay for some nights in Reykjavík before or after the workshop can find information about hotels and guesthoused here. Snorri's Guesthouse is a reasonable choice for those who want to stay not too far from the city centre at a reasonable price. Participants flying from Iceland on Saturday may want to stay in a hotel in Keflavik to be close to the airport in the morning since many flights leave early in the morning, in particular flights to Europe. Hotels in and near Keflavík are listed here. The closest hotel is just by the airport (Airport Hotel Smári).

The map below shows the location of Reykholt (tag yellow "A"), Langjökull and Reykjavík (enlarge).

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