Sea ice in February 2008

The Coast Guard went on three exploration flights, on the 4th, 18th and the 26th.  Five dispatches were made from ships in addition to that.  Westerly winds were common in the Greenland Strait and the sea ice approached slowly to shore.  A warning from the Meteorological office was made on the 21st because of this, but information from satellites indicated that sparse ice was about 15n.m. From Kögur and Horn and that an ice-tract stretched into Húnaflói.  On the 24th an announcement regarding sea-ice 15 n.m. north of Rifsnes was made.  On the 26th the ice was retreating, because of easterly winds, and the ice was then closest to shore 26n.m. northnorthwest of Kögur and 29n.m. northwest of Straumsnes.


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