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Magma volume beneath Svartsengi reaching similar level as prior to last eruptions - 23.2.2024

Updated 23. February at 15:00 UTC

Model calculations indicate that approximately 5 million cubic meters of magma have now accumulated beneath Svartsengi. Considering the precedent set by the previous volcanic eruptions in the Sundhnúkur crater row, the likelihood of an eruption is very high once the volume reaches 8-13 million cubic meters. Based on the results of the model calculations, this could occur early next week if magma accumulation continues at the current rate.

It should be noted that there is a degree of uncertainty in this interpretation, and it cannot be asserted that the behavior will be identical to the last eruption. Additionally, there is a possibility that magma could migrate from Svartsengi to the Sundhnúkur crater row without resulting in a volcanic eruption.

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The activity in the Reykjanes Peninsula has entered a new phase - 10.8.2023

Updated 10 August 2023

The Icelandic Met Office has updated the hazard map for the eruption site. The vicinity of the eruption area is still dangerous. High temperatures characterize the lava field. The solidified crust can be very thin in places with very hot and molten lava underneath. The edges of the new lava field are unstable and large chunks of lava can fall sudden. As a result of past activity there are fractures in the area that pose danger. The new lava continues degassing and hazardous gases can collect in depressions

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Re-evaluation needed of the size of the hazard area - 5.4.2021

Ný gossprunga

Updated 03.05 12:15

The eruption in Fagradalsfjall continues 

through one main crater. The active crater is the fifth fissure opening that opened in the area on the 13th of April. Since the 27th of April, the volcanic activity was characterized by continuous lava fountains, while the activity changed at around midnight on the 2nd of May, and has since  been showing pulsating behaviour. 

Considering these changes in activity, the size of the hazard area at the eruption site is being re-evaluated.  

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A minor eruption underway - 20.3.2021


Uptdated 29.3 at 09:30

The Civil Protection and Emergency Management's Science Board held a meeting Friday (Mars 26.) to discuss the volcanic eruption in Geldingadalir on the Reykjanes Peninsula. 

A lot of data has been collected including on-site and remote measurements along with modeling work forecasting the event's possible behavior over the coming days. A report detailing the event's general status and proposals for regular monitoring will be released shortly. 

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