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  • 1. Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE Climate change adaptation in European river basins Patrick Huntjens • Claudia Pahl-Wostl • John Grin Received: 1 July 2008 / Accepted: 24 December 2009 / Published online: 2 February 2010  The Author(s) 2010. This article is published with open access at Abstract This paper contains an assessment and stan- dardized comparative analysis of the current water man /media/loftslag/Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change.pdf
  • 2. VI_arsskyrsla2020

    always been a part of the design of the national network. Modernization of all the observation systems goes back to the digital revolution, and a significant step forward was the installation of the first weather radar in 1990. A significant by-product was the observing capabilities of the radar to observe volcanic ash clouds, which later was the primary motivation to extend the system /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_arsskyrsla2020.pdf
  • 3. Perrels-CBA

    of market organisation alternatives 26.8.2011Adriaan Perrels/IL 10 Cost-benefit analysis – the basics 3 Simple example: despite positive IRR still cash flow challenge years 1 - 8 CBA example - initial investment 100; interest and discount 5%; operational cost +5%/y; benefits +10%/y; IRR = 7.4% -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 years m o n e y u n it s writing off finance /media/loftslag/Perrels-CBA.pdf
  • 4. VI_2020_005

    exist that reach back to early 19th century but most series are much shorter (Hamlington and Thompson, 2016). In contrast, satellite altimetry has only been available since the early 1990’s. Satellite altimetry mea- sures the sea surface height, namely the sea level compared to a fixed reference frame (the center of the earth, the geoid or a reference ellipsoid) for latitudes up to 66 N and S (ESA /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_2020_005.pdf
  • 5. vonKorff_etal-2010

    Copyright © 2010 by the author(s). Published here under license by the Resilience Alliance. Von Korff, Y., P. d'Aquino, K. A. Daniell, and R. Bijlsma. 2010. Designing participation processes for water management and beyond. Ecology and Society 15(3): 1. [online] URL: http://www. Synthesis, part of a Special Feature on Implementing Participatory Water /media/loftslag/vonKorff_etal-2010.pdf
  • 6. Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs

    Perrels)  For each session report: o start with a heading indicating session number and title o for each presentation: name of presenter(s) and title o start for each presentation summary on a new page  Try to summarize briefly the main lines of argument as well as the project results and conclusions. This can be just like a not too long bullet list. When relevant, you can notify links /media/loftslag/Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs.pdf
  • 7. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    /EPP 2 Stakeholders analysis 26 August 2011 PM/YZ/EPP 3 Stake h o l d e r s P u b l i c / p r i v at e P o w e r l e v e l (“ n u i s an ce” ca p a c i t y ) O r i e n tat i o n H or s t e n s m uni c ipal i t y ( c o m pe t e n t a u t h ori t y ) P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e N eighbour mun i c i p ali t y P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e Poli c y /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 8. Forecasts - Sauðárkrókur flugvöllur

    Cloud cover: 100% 19 GMT -4° S 4 Cloud cover: 100% 20 GMT -4° SSW 6 Cloud cover: 100% 21 GMT -5° SW 5 Cloud cover: 100% 22 GMT -4° SSW 4 Cloud cover: 100% 23 GMT -4° S 3 Cloud cover: 100% Tue 30.11 00 GMT -5° S 2 Cloud cover: 100% 01 GMT -5° SW 2 Cloud cover: 100% 02 GMT -5° SSW 2 Cloud cover: 100% 03 GMT -6° SSW 2 /m/forecasts/areas
  • 9. Low level flight conditions over Iceland

    WarningCivil protection´s uncertainty phase is in force in Seyðisfjördur due to risk of landslides. More Low level flight conditions over Iceland Low level flight conditions over Iceland 29.11.2021 OUTLOOK 1200 - 1700 GMT /weather/aviation/llf-iceland/
  • 10. 2015-03-12_vatnsvedurogstormar_en

    weather forecast: Two low pressure systems are forecast to reach Iceland during the period from Friday morning until Saturday evening. The forecast is for southeast 20-25 m/s, (strong gale to storm) tomorrow, Friday, but south 25-30 m/s (storm to violent storm) on Saturday. A heavy rainfall warning has also been issued for these lows.. Travel conditions will be poor in the south and west /media/frettir/myndasafn/2015/2015-03-12_vatnsvedurogstormar_en.pdf

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