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  • 1. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    /EPP 2 Stakeholders analysis 26 August 2011 PM/YZ/EPP 3 Stake h o l d e r s P u b l i c / p r i v at e P o w e r l e v e l (“ n u i s an ce” ca p a c i t y ) O r i e n tat i o n H or s t e n s m uni c ipal i t y ( c o m pe t e n t a u t h ori t y ) P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e N eighbour mun i c i p ali t y P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e Poli c y /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 2. Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs

    ). This can be helpful with respect to finding a common structure in presenting as well in session reporting (for which angles mentioned in the opening session statements of the Workshop participants can provide checkpoints).” Session rapporteur allocation M o n d a y 2 9 . 8 Y u a n g Z h e n g A t h a n a s i o s V o t s i s E i v i n d J u n k e r M i c h a e l L a i h o H e c to r /media/loftslag/Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs.pdf
  • 3. Keranen_Jaana_CES_2010

    ilmiö W inter Sprin g SummerA utumn Kosteus Lauha t talve t Talvitulvat Jäätävä sade Hyyde Kova tuu li … Aikaisempi kevät ja tu lvat Ku ivuus Ku ivuvat vesiva rastot … Ku ivuus Rankkasa teet sa lamointi Rakeet … Myrskyt Rankkasateet Rou ta Jääkannen muodostaminen … yli y €yli y €Merkittävät3 x - y €x – y €Keskinkertaiset2 alle x €alle x €Vähäiset1 Mahdollisuuden tunnisteväriRiskin /media/ces/Keranen_Jaana_CES_2010.pdf
  • 4. esa_flyer_new

    EA Analyse A/S and Optensys Energianalys will forecast energy system variables, while SINTEF Energy Research will make assumptions for the energy system in different cases, include new inputs in the EMPS model and carry out simulations. Cl i ma t e Sc e nar i os G ro u p R i s ø St o c h as t i c v a r i a b l e s Clima t e s c e n a r i o NV E S M H I FE I N o r w a y S w e d e n F inla n /media/ces/esa_flyer_new.pdf
  • 5. Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change

    power delivery Finances and risk Financial resources concentrated in structural protection (sunk costs) Financial resources diversified using a broad set of private and public financial instruments Climate change adaptation in European river basins 267 123 Tabl e 2 Overvie w o fvariable s an d indicator s fo rAIW M Dimensio n Variabl e Indicato r Literatur e (A )Agenc y 1. Typ e o fleadershi p /media/loftslag/Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change.pdf
  • 6. 2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343

    in streams. Potential measures to reduce Mitig Adapt Strateg Glob Change Tabl e 3 Ex am pl es o fc lim at e ch an ge ad ap tat io n iss ue s re la te d fre sh w at er ec o lo gy an d qu al ity in D en m ar k. Se e n o te s o n ad ap tat io n m ea su re s be lo w Ta bl e 2 Climat e chang e impac t Adaptatio n Typ e o fproble m Consequenc e Ris k leve l Dominatin g uncertaint y Optio n Cos t leve l /media/loftslag/2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343.pdf

    would lead to a reduction of 20% of total annual tourist flow to Spain between 2004 and 2080; Hein, Metzger and Moreno [9] obtain an average decrease up to 14% in 2060 compared to 2004 - result of higher losses in summer and slight increases in the remainder of the year-. Nevertheless, some studies offer a more positive outlook. According to the Fundación Empresa y Clima [7], the tourist /media/loftslag/ECONOMIC_EFFECTS_OF_CLIMATE_CHANGE_ON_THE_TOURISM_SECTOR_IN_SPAIN.pdf
  • 8. Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM

    example can be given by the low cost still flood risk adaptation by implementing early warning system. But there is one more suggestion dfor stakeholders to restrict infrastructure in the cities of Horsens. Fiva PhD Courses : Adaptive management in relation to climate change (august 22 2011 - august 26 2011) 2 / 3 R es e a r c h Flood f r equenc y a n d i n t ensi t y c o m m un i c a t /media/loftslag/Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM.pdf
  • 9. VAT_newsletter_2018_06

    Lifandi kennslu stofa í lolags breytingumA natural laboratory to study climate change Jöklar ÍslandsIcelandic glaciers Yrlit um íslenska jökla í árslok  Jöklar á Íslandi hafa hopað hratt í rúma tvo áratugi og er rýrnun þeirra einhver helsta aeiðing hlýnandi loslags hérlendis og skýr vitnis burð- ur um hlýn un ina. Hér er gerð stutt grein fyr ir breytingum á jökl un um síðan um aldamótin /media/Eplicanámskeið/VAT_newsletter_2018_06.pdf
  • 10. Cradden_Lucy_CES_2010

    Capacity (A) F r e q u e n c y control future +0.4std dev (as % of mean) -0.68max -8.32min -1.74mean % change June 2010 15 Time series 450 500 550 600 650 700 Hour C a p a c i t y ( A ) Typical year of control period Seasonal average rating Calculated capacity 450 500 550 600 650 700 Hour C a p a c i t y ( A ) Typical year under future scenario Calculated capacity Seasonal average /media/ces/Cradden_Lucy_CES_2010.pdf

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