i-frame services

i-frame services

Other web-sites can be configured to display information automatically from vedur.is

The Icelandic Meteorological Office offers a service that allows web-masters to show weather information from IMO on their web-sites without effort. This service is free of charge, using the iframe technique.

Two versions of iframes have been developed, one for station forecasts, text forecasts or observations, and another for weather elements (wind, temperature and precipitation forecasts). In both cases, the web-master can choose which area of the country should appear. Both these iframes are large and intended to be the main topic of a page. It is simple and straightforward to embed an iframe onto a page; it only takes a few minutes.

Instructions on iframes for station forecasts, text forecasts or observations
Instructions on iframe for wind, temperature and precipitation forecasts

No more iframes are planned yet, but suggestions are welcome. One possibility is small frames with weather observations or forecasts for a particular weather station. Another relates to aurora forecasts.

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