Young Nordic scientists are invited to Copenhagen in August 2011.

NONAM organises a PhD summer school

PhD course in Copenhagen 22-26 August 2011


Are you a PhD student with an interest in adaptive management in relation to climate change?

Under the umbrella of the TFI program Effect Studies and Adaptation to Climate Change, the Nordic Network on Adaptive Management in relation to Climate Change (NONAM) organizes its second event, a PhD summer school in Copenhagen 2011.

The PhD course is organised by NONAM in association with FIVA, the International Research School of Water Resources. In addition to PhD students, young researchers and professionals with interest in the topic may also benefit from following the course.

The PhD course will provide a thorough introduction to adaptive management and present the participants for methodologies and tools related to the four key areas:

  • scenario building
  • stakeholder involvement
  • risk attitude
  • uncertainty assessments

The course will comprise a combination of lectures and exercises. The exercises will be based on two case studies, one on water resources management and another on a national road sector. The exercises will collectively cover the entire adaptive management procedure.

Further information is available on the PhD summer school's web-site.

Built on a floating bridge
This Copenhagen house moves with the tides, and is therefore well adapted to one of the effects of future climate change, i.e. sea level rise which may on average exceed one meter in the 21st century. Photo: Halldór Björnsson, 12 May 2009.

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