Field trip

47th Nordic Seismology Seminar - Reykjanes peninsula

The trip will be guided by Páll Einarsson and Martin Hensch

We will depart at 13:45 from outside Grand Hotel Reykjavík and leave the capital area to the southwest. The drive will take us through the lava fields and mountains of Reykjanes peninsula. We will make several short and longer stops at various geologically interesting sites, such as hot springs and faults.

We will not take long hikes, however weather conditions and some short walks into the terrain require solid shoes and protective cloths. You should also bring something to drink and eat with you, but we will also stop at a gas station, where you can provide yourself with food etc. The whole trip will take around 5 hours.

Planned stops during the excursion:

  • Lake Kleifarvatn and Seltún Geothermal Field

  • Gunnuhver Steam Spring and fault systems in its surrounding

  • Reykjanesviti at the tip of the peninsula, where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes onshore

  • IDDP drilling site on Reykjanes



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