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  • 1. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    /EPP 2 Stakeholders analysis 26 August 2011 PM/YZ/EPP 3 Stake h o l d e r s P u b l i c / p r i v at e P o w e r l e v e l (“ n u i s an ce” ca p a c i t y ) O r i e n tat i o n H or s t e n s m uni c ipal i t y ( c o m pe t e n t a u t h ori t y ) P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e N eighbour mun i c i p ali t y P u b l i c S t ron g Go v ernanc e Poli c y /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 2. A heatwave in Iceland

    During the the last week of July, Iceland experienced a rare heatwave. It culminated on 30 July, when new records were set. The maximum temperature in Reykjavík reached 25.7°C on the standard manned station outside the IMO offices, breaking the former record by 0.8°C. This is, indeed, rare as measurements in Reykjavík go back to the 1870s, and usually there are decades /about-imo/news/nr/1362
  • 3. The weather in Iceland in 2021

    records were broken. The monthly mean temperature reached 14 °C at several stations this summer. It is the first time that the monthly mean temperature reaches 14°C at any station since the beginning of observations. The year was sunny in Akureyri and the total number of sunshine hours in Akureyri has only once been more.The winter (December 2020 to March 2021) was in general favorable /about-imo/news/the-weather-in-iceland-in-2021
  • 4. Awards and press

    spent many hours watching the video coverage - many in September are the finest fountain reports available. In November I was fitting the subsidence data with a rate curve. The earthquake animation you had was spectacular. The report released 30 January is just another excellent comprehensive review. The GPS motion data has been fascinating as well. Since the 1960's I have been a regular visitor /about-imo/the-web/awards_and_press/
  • 5. RaisanenJouni_CES_2010

    not representative of present or future climate conditions? Winter mean T in Helsinki (1961-2008) 1961- 20081961- 1990 Temperature (°C) P r o b a b i l i t y d e n s i t y -12 4 Simplest case: change in mean climate, with no change in the magnitude of variability If variability changes as well, the two tails of the distribution (e.g., warm and cold) will be affected differently. IPCC (2001 /media/ces/RaisanenJouni_CES_2010.pdf
  • 6. ved-eng-2015

    temperature was close to the 1961-1990 mean. In most parts of the country the precipitation was well above normal. Temperature The average temperature in Reykjavík was 4.5°C, 0.2°C above the 1961-1990 mean. This is the 20th consecutive year above this mean in Reykjavík. But, it was also the coldest since 2000. In Stykkishólmur the average temperature was 4.1°C, 0.6 above the mean, and 3.8°C /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skylduskil/ved-eng-2015.pdf
  • 7. The

    the coldest days of the year. Wind speed was slighly lower than average. Temperature The annual average in Reykjavík was 5.5°C, 1.2°C above the 1961 to 1990 mean, but equal to the mean of the last ten years (2007-2016). In Stykkishólmur the average temperature was 4.9°C, 1.4°C above the 1961 to 1990 mean. In Akureyri the average was 4.9°C, 1.7°C above the mean and it was the fifth warmest /about-imo/news/the-weather-in-iceland-in-2017
  • 8. Ved-eng-2006

    Icelandic Meteorological Office – Climate summary 2006 – published 20.2.2007 The weather in Iceland 2006 A summary from the Icelandic Meteorological Office A general overview Figure 1. Teigarhorn in Berufjörður on the east coast on a summer day in August. Photo: Sigvaldi Árnason. The year was generally favourable and warm. In the South and West the temperature was about 1.1°C above /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skylduskil/Ved-eng-2006.pdf
  • 9. skyrsla-rannshops-eldfraedi-natturuvar_JHI_20150304

    Kvikugösin eru bláleit á meðan vatnsblandan er hvít. Hitamælingar sýna að hiti í sprungum í botni gígsins fer upp í 550 til 600 °C. Það gefur ástæðu til að ætla að fljótandi kviku sé að finna á um 3 til 5 metra dýpi undir gígyfirborði. Yfirborð á gasbreiðum sem einkennast af kvikugasa virkni er um 250 til 300 °C heitt á meðan yfirborð sem gufuaugu rísa af er um 100 til 130 °C. Hraunið var í morgun í /media/jar/skyrsla-rannshops-eldfraedi-natturuvar_JHI_20150304.pdf
  • 10. The weather in Iceland 2008

    106 Stórhöfði 5.5 0.7 1797.3 113 Hveravellir 0.0 1.1 Column headings: Temp: The average temperature in °C; anomaly: the temperature departure relative to the 1961-1990 mean;. prec.- the annual precipitation sum in mm; %: the relative precipitation sum compared to the 1961-1990 mean; sunshine hours; the number of bright sunshine hours /about-imo/news/2009/nr/1438

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