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Weather outlook

East and northeast 8-15 and rain by morning, moderate in SE-Iceland. Lighter winds and less precipitation in the afternoon, but W near gale in the SW-part by evening with more rain.
West gale in the east part late night and patsy rain, but calmer in the west part and dry in the SE-part. Decreasing wind tomorrow og dry in most places, but increasing southerly wind in the west part tomorrow night.
Temperatuer 1 to 10 degrees, coolest inland in the north but warmest by the southeast coast.
Forecast made: 16.10.2018 04:19. Valid until: 17.10.2018 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Wednesday:
Westerly wind, 8-15 m/s, but windier in the east. Rain- or snowshowers in most places but dry in the southeast and east. Temperatures 0 to 7 degrees C, mildest in the south.

On Thursday:
Southerly wind, 10-15 and rain, considerable in the south and southeast but little precipitation north of Vatnajökull. Temperatures 5 ti 10 degrees C. in most places.

On Friday:
Southwesterly wind and rainshowers in the west but dry in the east. Southerly wind with rain in the evening with little precipitation in the northeast. Temperatures 2 to 7 degrees C.

On Saturday:
Stiff southwesterly wind with rain but little precipitation in the Eastfjords. Temperatures 3 to 10 degrees C, warmest in the east.

On Sunday:
Continuing southwesterly wind and rain- or snowshowers in the east. Becomes colder and starts to freeze in most places inland in the evening.

On Monday:
Looks like increasing southwesterly wind with rain and warmer temperatures in the evening, first in the west.
Forecast made: 15.10.2018 20:26. Valid until: 22.10.2018 12:00.

General synopsis

Forecast made: 16.10.2018 05:02. Valid until: 17.10.2018 04:00.

Written forecasts are written by the meteorologist on duty at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

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