Overview of Earthquake activity

Earthquake activity throughout the country is described in a weekly summary that is written by a Natural Hazard Specialist. The weekly summary is published on the web every Tuesday. It covers the activity of the previous week in all seismic areas and volcanic systems in the country. If earthquake swarms are ongoing or significant events such as larger earthquakes have occurred during the week, they are specifically discussed. 

Weekly overview

Weekly Overview, 16 - 22. January, 2023

About 260 earthquakes were observed by IMO's SIL seismic network last week, a similar number of events as measured in week 2. About 30 earthquakes were located in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, which is a similar number of events compared to the last two weeks there. The largest earthquake this week was however measured in Bárdabunga volcano M2.9.

More information on earthquake activity in Iceland can be found in Skjálfta-Lísa

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