Overview of Earthquake activity

Earthquake activity throughout the country is described in a weekly summary that is written by a Natural Hazard Specialist. The weekly summary is published on the web every Tuesday. It covers the activity of the previous week in all seismic areas and volcanic systems in the country. If earthquake swarms are ongoing or significant events such as larger earthquakes have occurred during the week, they are specifically discussed. 

Weekly overview

Weekly overview, 28. August – 3. September - week 35.

Around 500 earthquakes were detected last week by the IMO's SIL system. This is rather quiet compared to the past few weeks and can possibly be partly attributed to the first low pressure system of the fall that arrived on friday evening. Seismic activity was rather well distributed over the countries most active areas, including Reykjanespeninsula, Mýrdalsjökull glacier, western Vatnajökull glacier and the Grímsey fracture zone. A jökulhlaup (glacial outburst flood) from the eastern Skaftá cauldon also started on 28. August, reaching its maximum two days lated. Several tremor pulses were observed in western Vatnajökull during this time that can be linked to boiling in the cauldron.

4 earthquakes above magnitude 3 were measured during this week, two M3.1on 1. september, on on Kolbeinsey ridge and the other at Reykjanestá, one M3.7 in Mýrdalsjökull on 29. August and an M3.9 in Bárðarbunga on 3. September.

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