Overview of Earthquake activity

Earthquake activity throughout the country is described in a weekly summary that is written by a Natural Hazard Specialist. The weekly summary is published on the web every Tuesday. It covers the activity of the previous week in all seismic areas and volcanic systems in the country. If earthquake swarms are ongoing or significant events such as larger earthquakes have occurred during the week, they are specifically discussed. 

Weekly overview

Weekly Overview 7. - 13. August 2023, Week 32

Around 1255 earthquakes were detected this week by IMO's SIL system, of which just over 885 events have been manually reviewed. Short seismic swarm occured between 13th and 14th of August, about 35 km SW of Reykjanestá. A total of 250 earthquakes were detected and the largest earthquake was a M4.4, of which is the largest earthquake of the week. A total of 16 earthquake over M3 were detected on the Reykjanes ridge. The activity SE of Skjaldbreið continued this week, about 190 earthquakes were detected. No activity was seen at the crater close to Litli-Hrútur. Out of 1255 earthquakes detected, at total of 450 were detected on the Reykjanesskagi. A M3 earthquake was detected on the 12th of August in Hofsjökull, the earthquake was felt in Kerlingafjöll.

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