Instructions on using meteograms

Helgi Borg 28.2.2008

A meteogram is a graphical display of a local-scale forecast, based on data from a nearby weather station.

Graphs for different regions are available from the top of the meteogram page; additionally, meteograms for specific stations can be viewed. The graphs are displayed in the region beneath the selection area; the entire width of the page is used to fit two meteograms side-by-side. Note that when a meteogram is requested via the search option, it is added to other meteograms that are on the page already.

By using the search option it is possible to review meteograms from any weather station. The URL of the page changes with each addition. By bookmarking the URL, or saving it in another way, the same batch of meteograms can be retrieved on later visits.

Links to the corresponding forecast map and observation data are beneath each meteogram. Clicking reset, located at the lower right of each graph, removes it from the page. Pressing the reset all meteograms function near the top of the page removes all meteograms from the page.

Note that the displayed graphs can be printed using the options available from your Internet browser.

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