HARMONIE - numerical weather prediction model  - Veðurstofa Íslands 16.11.2015

HARMONIE is a numerical weather prediction model (NWP) that is non-hydrostatic and convection-permitting. It is operated at 2.5 km horizontal resolution over a domain that covers Iceland and the surrounding seas. At this resolution it is possible to simulate explicitly some processes that are important for clouds and precipitation as well as meteorological phenomena related to up- and downdrafts. In order to simulate the interaction between the atmosphere and the surface, the model takes into account different types of land surface as well as processes in and at the surface.

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Adapting to Change: From Research to Decision-making - Sigrún Karlsdóttir 31.3.2014

Adaptation to climate changes is already high on the agenda in the Nordic and international societies. The conference Adapting to Change: From Research to Decision-making, to be held in Copenhagen 25-27 August 2014, seeks to advance existing common ground between scientists, practitioners and decision-makers and establish new ways forward for informed adaptation; following earlier successful conferences. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 April.

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The weather in Iceland 2013 - Trausti Jónsson 21.1.2014

The weather in Iceland in 2013 was mainly favorable, however, the spring was harsh in the North and East and the summer was on the dull side in the South and West, with precipitation and cloudiness above average. This was the dullest summer of the new century in this area of the country.

The temperature was unusually high during the first two months but for the rest of the year it was closer to the 1961 til 1990 average.

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The weather in Iceland 2012 - Trausti Jónsson 9.1.2013

On the whole the year was a favorable one. However, the first three months were dominated by very changeable and windy weather and southerly and westerly winds that eventually became quite mild. A few damaging windstorms hit the country. September and November were dominated by unfavorable weather.

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