Station forecasts, text forecasts or observations

Station forecasts, text forecasts or observations

Instructions on how to embed iframes

Below are instructions on how to embed iframes for station forecasts, text forecasts or observations. The code for station forecasts is listed. Web-masters should decide which area of the country will appear. If preferred, the frame can show either text forecasts or observations, rather than station forecasts, when opened.

an example of an iframe

In order to embed this frame, the following code should be copied to your html file where the frame should appear:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
VI.ifrm.type = 'wst';
VI.ifrm.area = 101;
VI.ifrm.lang = 'en';

To show other areas, a different digit must be entered after 'Vi.ifrm.area'. The area codes are as follows:

101 = whole country
111 = Reykjavík area
1 = Faxaflói
2 = Breiðafjörður
3 = West fjords
1301 = West fjords - Djúpið
4 = North West
5 = North East
6 = Eastern coastal areas
7 = East fjords
8 = South East
9 = South
10 = Central highlands

Depending on whether text forecasts or observations should appear each time the page is opened, rather than station forecast, the 'VI.ifrm.type' must be changed accordingly:

VI.ifrm.type = 'wst-txt';
VI.ifrm.type = 'wst-obs';

The width of the frame is 600 pixels; the hight of the frame is different for each area.

On the Modernus web measure

A web-page containing an IMO frame must NOT be registered for Coordinated Webmeasure at Modernus. Please note that this applies only to the relevant page and not to your whole web. Those web-sites that have joined Modernus's Coordinated Webmeasure can still show our frame if they simply remove the Modernus measuring code from the page which shows our frame.

According to Modernus, both the iframe-page and the main-page (which hosts the iframe-page) can include measuring code, given that NEITHER page is registered for Coordinated Webmeasure. Strict rules apply to the latter, where each visit should only be counted once.

Because our web,, is registered for Coordinated Webmeasure, our frames are registered too. Therefore, web-pages showing our frames must not be registered. As stated above, web-sites that are registered can still show our frames by having the Modernus measuring code removed from the relevant page. Admittedly, this is slight inconvenience, but in most cases removing the Modernus measuring code from a single web-page is a simple task.

As for now, our frames are large and constitute the main topic of the relevant page. In such circumstances, each visit counts.

Later, the Icelandic Meteorological Office will offer small iframes which will not contain a Modernus measuring code and therefore not conflict in any way with Coordinated Webmeasure. Such small frames will be side-material to any page. A visit to that page will not count as a visit to the frame.

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