Information Management

Information Management

The Information management group will be responsible for information dissemination, active stakeholder involvement and the public outreach. At the national level, CES-national groups will be established to secure national collaboration between the activities.

All participants in the CES project have access to a project web-page for information dissemination within the project. The web has been organized with a workspace for each group to communicate and each workshop has it's own workspace as well.

A metadata page has been created on the project web in order to bring together information on data used in the CES project. The metadata platform will contain information on the data used in the CES project, and the data produced in the project. is the official web page where information on the project is distributed. Results from the project will be presented on the web among a complete list of publications.

The data produced within the CES project will be presented on the web within a multimedia framework that has already been developed to present data in time and space. The framework requires requires a standardized metadata. Hence, the data should be self-describing. The data produced in the CES project are time and location dependant variables from models. It is suggested to u se the NetCF standard since it is becoming the de facto standard for storing outputs of atmospheric, ocean and climate models ( The standard consists of metadata that provide a description of what the data in each variable represents, and of the spatial and temporal properties of the data.

Most of the results can be displayed in geographical information system and the idea is to present the results on the internet with interactive Internet Map Server, where the user can watch the resluts in time.

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Stefanía G. Halldórsdóttir

Here is a full PDF version of the Information Management flyer

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