Travel information

Travel information


Icelandair offers direct flights to Reykjavík (Keflavík international airport, KEF) from the following airports in the US and Canada: Anchorage, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Edmonton, Halifax, Minneapolis, Montreal, New York, Orlando, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC.

WOW air offers connections from: Boston, Los Angeles, Montreal, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC (check if flights are available in September).

Both airlines offer connections from many European hubs. Several international airlines offer flights to Iceland as well. Prices can be compared at the Dohop search engine.

Flybus and taxi

There are frequent flybus connections from Keflavík airport to the main bus terminal in Reykjavík (no reservations needed). The bus trip takes less than an hour. The price for a one-way ticket is approximately 20 USD. From the main bus terminal in Reykjavík you can switch to local transportation.

Taxis are also available at the airport and the major car-rental companies operate there.

Bus and coaches

The city bus is called Strætó (pronounciation: stride-o).

The company also offers services outside the capital.

Their app can be downloaded.

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