Accepted abstracts

Accepted abstracts

Listed alphabetically according to the lead author's first name. Note that presentation formats will be announced here before 30 September

Ari Tryggvason and others
Relative locations in 3D velocity models

Ásta Rut Hjartardóttir and others
The Kerlingar fault, north east Iceland, a Holocene normal fault east of the divergent plate boundary , Extended abstract

Björn Lund and others
How may glacial rebound influence the seismic activity in Iceland?

Bryndís Brandsdóttir and others
Automated location of the May 2008 South Iceland aftershocks using coalescence microseismic mapping

Einar Kjartansson and others
Seismic and tsunami early warning in Iceland

Freysteinn Sigmundsson and others
Magma chambers and intrusions in Icelandic crust - constraints from volcano geodesy

Gunnar B. Guðmundsson and Matthew J. Roberts
The first seismograph in Iceland: a Mainka-type instrument first deployed in 1909

Halldór Geirsson and others
Summary of results from over 10 years of continuous GPS observations in Iceland

Hossein Shomali and others
A duration-energy procedure for rapid estimate of earthquake magnitude using early part of P waveforms

Jeremy Zechar and others
Improving time-varying seismic hazard assessment: Iceland as a CSEP testing region

Josef Horalek and others
Source mechanisms and their time and space variations as a tool for revealing a role of crustal fluids in the Bohemia / Vogtland earthquake swarms

Judicael Decriem and others
Geodetic observations of the 29 May 2008 south Iceland earthquake

Kristín Jónsdóttir and others
Lp events at glacier overlain Katla volcano, Iceland

Kristín Vogfjord and others
Interpreting seismic signals from Icelandic volcanoes

Kristine M. Larson
High-rate GPS: applications to earthquakes and volcanoes

Kristján Ágústsson and others
The HYDRORIFT experiment

Luca Lenti and others
Recorded microseismicity due to seismically-induced cracks and collapses within a karstified rock mass

Marie Keiding and others
Stress and strain along an oblique plate boundary, the Reykjanes peninsula in SW Iceland

Matthew J. Roberts and others
Thirty years of borehole strainmeter measurements in Iceland

Ólafur Guðmundsson and Bryndís Brandsdóttir
Geothermal seismic noise at Ölkelduháls

Ólafur Guðmundsson and Roland Roberts
Ambient seismic noise correlation in two dimensions

Páll Einarsson
Mapping of Holocene surface ruptures in the South Iceland Seismic Zone

Páll Einarsson and others
Radon monitoring in the South Iceland Seismic Zone

Páll Theodórsson and others
Improved radon monitoring network for earthquake precursor studies in seismic areas

Ragnar Slunga
Microearthquakes, stresses, crustal stability, and earthquake warnings Extended abstract

Ragnar Stefánsson
From earthquake prediction research to useful warnings ahead of earthquakes

Reynir Bödvarsson
Development history and future potential of the SIL system

Robert S. White and others
Anatomy of melt intrusion at 15-18 km depth beneath Upptyppingar, Iceland

Sigurlaug Hjaltadóttir and others
Relocated microearthquakes used for mapping active faults at depth in Iceland

Steinunn S. Jakobsdóttir and others
A deep-seated magmatic intrusion at Upptyppingar, Iceland, during 2007 and 2008

Thóra Árnadóttir and others
Geodetic constraints on the earthquake cycle in the South Iceland Seismic Zone

Tomás Fischer and others
Triggering mechanisms of the West Bohemia / Vogtland earthquake swarms

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