Field trip

Post-conference field trip on 31 October

The normal and strike-slip faults of SW-Iceland. This will be a three-plate trip, starting on the North America Plate in Reykjavík, driving across the Western Rift Zone at Þingvellir to the Hreppar Microplate, passing the Grímsnes Volcanic System, the Skálholt cultural center, and the Hekla Volcano.

Stops will be made at the source fault of the 1912 earthquake at Selsund and the Leirubakki fault in the South Iceland Seismic Zone, then passing over to the Eurasia Plate.

The source fault of one of the earthquakes of 2000 will be visited before we cross the plate boundary back to the North America Plate.

The guide will be Professor Páll Einarsson of the University of Iceland.

The trip, departing from Reykjavík on Saturday 31 October, will last about nine hours. The estimated cost of the trip is 5000 ISK (30 EUR). This fee covers the hire of a bus and lunch at a restaurant.

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