VONA message


Time: 29. Mar 2021, 16:33 GMT

Color code:  Orange 

Volcano id: 371030

Activity summary:
The eruption in Fagradalsfjall continues at similar rate as before. From the latest Pléiades image acquisition (LMI) the extrusion rate has been assessed to be about 5.3 m3/sec. The last DOAS traverse, performed on the 28.03, gave an SO2 flux estimate up to 19 kg/s. The gas plume height as assessed from calibrated images this morning gave a plume up to 1.0 km asl. There is no production of ash and tephra. A minor seismic activity is still ongoing and localized around the Fagradalsfjall area. Because of the lack of ash and tephra emission in the atmosphere, the aviation color code for Fagradalsfjall-Krýsuvík is maintained ORANGE as there are no imminent hazard for the aviation.

Cloud height:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.0 km asl of volcanic gas plume. No ash production.

Other cloud information:
Few hundreds of meters up to 1.0 km of volcanic gas plume. No ash production.

Volcanic SO2 is expected to be drifted predominantly to the South in the coming hours and for the all day tomorrow. Lava flows are currently a very localized hazard.

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