VONA message


Time: 14. Apr 2021, 11:40 GMT

Color code:  Orange 

Volcano id: 371030

Activity summary:
The eruption in Fagradalsfjall continues with additional openings. The lava is now flowing from eight vents active at the same time and few more openings (possibly two) have been reported this morning at about 11.30 UTC. The new openings are located within the active fissures and a preliminary evaluation gives the coordinates to be 63.902355, -22.251450. Despite new openings, the DOAS traverses yesterday still gave a total SO2 flux of 29 kg/s, well comparable with the fluxes in the previous weeks. New information will be provided once available. Sudden openings without warnings, lava flows and gas pollution are still the main hazards associated to the on going eruption. Very minor tephra emission is occasionally observed. The aviation color code is maintained orange as the ongoing eruption does not threaten the aviation.

Cloud height:
The base of the volcanic cloud is discernible from the webcameras and it is assessed to be between 800-900 m asl.

Other cloud information:
The plume is gas rich and no ash is observed.

Some gas pollution is expected in the north and north-east of the Reykjanes peninsula today.

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