VONA message


Time: 18. Oct 2021, 14:56 GMT

Color code:  Yellow 

Volcano id: 371030

Activity summary:
During the past month (18th September - 18th October) no lava flow from the crater has been detected at Fagradalsfjall volcano. Outgassing is still ongoing with very low concentrations of eruptive gases. Similarly, thermal anomalies continue to be detected at lower values and greater intervals between detections. Glow from previously emplaced lava moving is occasionally seen at night. Heat, gases and glow may continue for weeks/months even if no new lava is erupted. The seismic activity SW of Keilir which commenced on the 26th of September has significantly reduced in the past few days. The Fagradalsfjall eruption will not be declared over until much later in the future, as the distinction between a break and a true ending is only apparent in retrospect. Activity might resume again in the near or distant future, either in the same place or at a new opening. In light of the current observations and data available, it is assessed that Krýsuvík volcano is currently in a non-eruptive state. The activity might escalate again so the situation is monitored closely. For the time being, the aviation color code is changed from ORANGE to YELLOW.

Cloud height:
No eruption ongoing.

Other cloud information:
No eruption ongoing.

Volcanic hazards persist in the area including: gas pollution, high temperatures in the vicinity and within the lava field, earthquakes, rock falls.

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