VONA message


Time: 12. Jan 2022, 12:04 GMT

Color code:  green 

Volcano id: 373010

Activity summary:
The seismicity at Grímsvötn is back to normal level (with few earthquakes detected over the past 3 weeks). No unusual gas has been detected in Grímsfjall over the past months. There is still uncertainty on assessing the status of the cauldron which deepened during the last flood, so it is still difficult to evaluate the level of the geothermal activity around Grímsvötn. In light of the current available observations, the aviation color code for Grímsvötn is moved back to green.

Cloud height:
No eruption ongoing.

Other cloud information:
No eruption ongoing.

More information about Grímsvötn volcano, its past eruptions and associated volcanic hazards is available at the link: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=GRV

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