VONA message


Time: 03. Aug 2022, 15:36 GMT

Color code:  Orange 

Volcano id: 371030

Activity summary:
An effusive eruption has started around 13:15:50 UTC in Meradalir (within the Fagradalsfjall system). An helicopter flight has confirmed its position to be 63 53,84N - 22 14,58W. The eruption is visible on webcameras and is taking place just north of Fagradalsfjall within the old lava field. Lava is extruded by a fissure about 300 m long. No ash is detected in the atmosphere. The aviation color code is moved back to orange as the impact on air traffic is considered negligible at this stage.

Cloud height:
Rough estimates indicate the gas plume reaches between 500 m and 1 km.

Other cloud information:
Gas release is ongoing from the fissure. No ash emission.

More information about this volcanic system is available at: https://icelandicvolcanos.is/?volcano=KRY

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