VONA message


Time: 15. Sep 2022, 15:29 GMT

Color code:  green 

Volcano id: 371030

Activity summary:
Since 15th of September 2022, Fagradalsfjall volcanic system is identified as a separate system within the Reykjanes peninsula. Until now Fagradalsfjall was accounted as a part of the nearby Krýsuvík volcanic system, however the recent two eruptions (2021 and 2022), in addition to preceding geological studies, indicate the evidence of a distinct feature and the need to identify and refer to it as a separate entity. A separate VONA was sent out for Fagradalsfjall volcanic system and for this reason the aviation color code for Krýsuvík is set back to green as the current level of activity for this volcanic system is considered within the known background.

Cloud height:

Other cloud information:

More information about this volcanic system is available at: https://icelandicvolcanos.is/?volcano=KRY

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