VONA message


Time: 16. Oct 2022, 16:20 GMT

Color code:  Yellow 

Volcano id: 373010

Activity summary:
The peak of the jokulhlaup originating from Grímsvötn volcano has been measured today (16.10) in Gigjukvisl river. The associated pressure decrease, expected in connection to the water drainage from the subglacial lake, has not raised the volcano activity so far, with only four earthquakes (all with magnitude below M2.5) detected in the past 24 hours. The aviation color code will remain yellow for the time being and will be reassessed tomorrow in accordance with the IMO hazard evaluation.

Cloud height:
No eruption ongoing.

Other cloud information:
No eruption ongoing.

More information about Grímsvötn volcano, its past eruptions and associated volcanic hazards is available at the link: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/?volcano=GRV

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