Forecast for volcanic ashfall 2010

Forecast for volcanic ashfall in Iceland due to the eruptions 2010


On ashfall in Iceland - 23 May 2010 11:00

The eruption activity is minimal and therefore no significant ashfall is expected. The volcano is still being monitored and an ashfall forecast will be issued if neccessary.

For ash at high altitudes, possibly affecting flight traffic, we refer to London VAAC, the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre in London. Nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres around the world are responsible for advising international aviation of the location and movement of clouds of volcanic ash.

UK Met Office Zoomed Ash Concentration Charts: These charts supplement the official London VAAC graphics and advisories and are to be used with caution. Flight permission or restriction is shown as red, gray or black zones for the next 24 hrs.

UK Met Office Five-Day Volcanic Ash Charts: These charts indicate the forecast position of the volcanic ash cloud at 1200 GMT each day for the next five days for the altitudes indicated. It must be stressed that the five day charts are based on observed volcanic activity at the time of issue and should be regarded as indicative only.

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