Press release on the l'Aquila sentence


The International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior, IASPEI, has sent a press release on the l'Aquila sentence in Italy.

The European Seismological Commission, ESC, has encouraged its representatives in numerous countries to distribute that press release.

ESC endorses and adheres to the IASPEI press release, and its presentation here (pdf 0,11 mb) has an introductory statement on the l'Aquila sentence, signed by the ESC Excecutive Committee.

The original press release can also be found on the web-site of IASPEI.

The mission of IASPEI is to advance global seismological knowledge to mitigate the effects and minimize the victims of earthquakes. The trial in L'Aquila condemns some of IASPEI's most brilliant scientists, who have dedicated their lives to the reduction of seismic risk. IASPEI is confident that the L'Aquila case will provide the opportunity to develop a proper link between science, policy makers and society in order to avoid any type of miscommunication of information and scientific knowledge in the future.

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