Gauging stations
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Gauging stations


The operation of a network of gauging stations provides the basic information for knowledge of the hydrology of Iceland. As the importance of monitoring and mediating information has been growing, the network has been updated and transmits data to the IMO centre at least once a day.

The information mainly concerns water-flow, water-level and ground water, and in some cases other environmental factors are being measured. The network includes about 200 gauging stations. They are to a large extent operated for the Ministry of Industry and the National Energy Authority, or for some of the largest energy firms in the country.

Measurements from the hydrological network are transferred to the Icelandic Meteorological Office and they can be viewed on a separate web-site, see current hydrological information. Nota Bene: Unreviewed real time data may be misinterpreted. The IMO does not take responsibility for the use of the data.

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