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  • 21. Floods in the Southeast and East fjords

    and in the Eastfjords. Rivers Geithellnaá and Fossá in the fjord Berufjörður are flooding. Their discharge has grown by a factor of ten within 24 hours. The discharge of Geithellnaá was over 480 m3/s at noon 28th Dec., probably the greastest since 1971. The older maximum was 454 m3/s 31.10.1980. The discharge of Fossá has now exceeded 220 m3/s. The last time it exceeded 200 m3/s was 29.12.2006 /about-imo/news/nr/3253
  • 22. Storm in the North and calmer in the East

    updated maps with wind forecast on our English web. Forecast for next 24 hrs Storm in the North at noon or after noon. Southwest 18 - 28 and wintry showers by noon, strongest wind in the north. Decreasing winds late afternoon. Mostly dry in the northeast tonight. South and southeast 8 - 15 m/s tonight and tomorrow, snow or snow showers but mostly dry in the north. Temperature 0 to 5 °C today /about-imo/news/nr/3258
  • 23. Avalanche notices last 10 days

    Last 10 days Region Number Faxaflói0Breiðafjörður0West fjords0North West0North East0Eastern coastal area0East fjords0South East 0South0Central highlands0 Total:0 Last 24 hours /avalanches/notifications/
  • 24. Climate of aerodromes

    - Vestmannaeyjar BITN - Þórshöfn BIGR - Grímsey BIVO - Vopnafjörður BIGJ - Gjögur Clouds over Reykjavík, 24 October 2009. Photo: Guðrún Pálsdóttir. Spoken weather forecast Weather information via recorded messageTel: (+354) 902 0600 /weather/aviation/climate/
  • 25. 2016-10-18_Ovedur_en

    100 mm over 24 hours. Rising stream and river levels are likely on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, around the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull ice-caps, and south of the Vatnajökull ice cap. Travellers are cautioned against fording rivers in these regions. On behalf of IMO Elín Björk Jónasdóttir, coordinator of public weather services. Hrafn Guðmundsson, forecaster on duty Þorsteinn V. Jónsson /media/frettir/vedur/2016-10-18_Ovedur_en.pdf
  • 26. Grimsvotn_status_2010-11-05_IES_IMO

    of low frequency tremor suggestive of volcanic activity. Earthquakes: Three earthquakes ranging in size from magnitude 0.9 to 1.2 have been detected beneath Grímsvötn today. GPS deformation: No change; see status report from 01 November 2010. Overall assessment: Tremor levels at seismic station 'grf' have reduced slightly in the last 24 hours. Discharge measurements in the Gígja river show /media/vatnafar/flod/Grimsvotn_status_2010-11-05_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 27. Wind-chill table

    days. The table below covers the range of likely wind speeds and temperatures in Iceland. For instance, at air temperature of -12 °C and wind speed of 12 m/s, the wind-chill equals -24°C in calm weather. Back Spoken weather forecast Weather information /weather/articles/nr/1827
  • 28. Articles

    Subsiding eruption plume in Grímsvötn 24 May 2011. Photo taken between 20:50 and 21:50. Of interest - Bárðarbunga Reduction of the accesscontrolled area around Holuhraun lava field END OF ERUPTION declaredby the Scientific Board Location map (detailed)around the new lava field /earthquakes-and-volcanism/articles/bigimg/1874
  • 29. Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-14_IES_IMO

    and web-based ash reports from the public. Eruption plume: Height (a.s.l.): Mainly ~7 km / 24,000 ft. Heading: West and later southwest. Colour: Grey. Tephra fallout: Ashfall reported from the Vestmanna Islands, Rangárþing east and in Reykjavík. Lightning: More than 50 lightning strikes were recorded on the ATDnet during the last 24 hours. Between 4 and 5 this morning, 10 lightning were /media/jar/Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-14_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 30. Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-24_IES_IMO

    Eruption in Eyjafjallajökull Status Report: 14:00 GMT, 24 May 2010 Icelandic Meteorological Office and Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland Compiled by: Sigþrúður Ármannsdóttir, Þorsteinn Jónsson and Björn Sævar Einarsson. Based on: IMO seismic monitoring; IES-IMO GPS monitoring; IMO hydrological data; web cameras, ATDnet – UK Met. Offices lightning detection system, Satellite /media/jar/Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-24_IES_IMO.pdf

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