Bridge across Ölfusá 26 February 2013.

Flood subsiding

Warning due to flooding - update


In accordance with yesterday's forecast, the Ölfusá river reached a maximum discharge of about 1,300 cubic metres per second at 07:30 UTC today. During the last 24 hours, over 17 mm of rainfall has been recorded in the Hvítá - Ölfusá catchment.

Discharge levels in the upper reach of the Hvítá catchment are decreasing rapidly. At 14:00 UTC today, floodwater discharge at Fremstaver was about 264 cubic metres per second, which is 50% lower than yesterday's observations. Water-level measurements at all other monitoring locations in the catchment show that discharge levels are decreasing progressively.

Although no further intense rainfall is forecast for the region during the coming days, flood conditions are expected to last for the next one to two days.

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