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Floods in the Southeast and East fjords

Announcement issued 28.12.2015 17:35


Due to precipitation and melting, increased water levels are prevalent in the Southeast and in the Eastfjords.

Rivers Geithellnaá and Fossá in the fjord Berufjörður are flooding. Their discharge has grown by a factor of ten within 24 hours.

The discharge of Geithellnaá was over 480 m3/s at noon 28th Dec., probably the greastest since 1971. The older maximum was 454 m3/s 31.10.1980.

The discharge of Fossá has now exceeded 220 m3/s. The last time it exceeded 200 m3/s was 29.12.2006 but the Fossá river maximum also occurred 31.10.1980, i.e. 395 m3/s.

River discharge will continue to rise in the Southeast and towns may experience flooding streets. Snow avalanches with high water content have occurred and mudflows may occur.

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