Recent publications

Recent publications

Arctic cooperation - overview 2010-2013

Examples of IMO's publications

The Icelandic Meteorological Office annually publishes a variety of reports, journals and articles. Below are examples of recent publications, most of which contribute to Arctic issues in general.

  • Large-scale atmospheric conditions associated with major avalanche cycles and cold season weather hazards in Iceland (2013)
  • The wind energy potential of Iceland (2013)
  • Surface wind and air temperature over Iceland based on station records and ECMWF operational analyses (2012)
  • The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption, Iceland (2012)
  • Empirical terrain models for surface wind and air temperature over Iceland (2012)
  • Evaluation of WRF mesoscale model simulations of surface wind over Iceland (2012)
  • Statistical correction of WRF mesoscale model simulations of surface wind over Iceland based on station data (2012)
  • High resolution precipitation mapping in Iceland by dynamical downscaling of ERA-40 with a linear model of orographic precipitation (2012)
  • Estimating the flood frequency distribution for ungauged catchments using an index flood procedure: application to ten catchments in Northern Iceland (2012)
  • Flood-Duration-Frequency modeling: application to ten catchments in Northern Iceland (2012)
  • Evaluation of two delineation methods for regional flood frequency analysis in Northern Iceland (2012)
  • The effect of climate change on runoff from two watersheds in Iceland (2010)

Examples of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters

Tómas Jóhannesson, Helgi Björnsson, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Sverrir Guðmundsson, Finnur Pálsson, Oddur Sigurðsson, Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson & E. Berthier (2013). Ice-volume changes, bias-estimation of mass-balance measurements and changes in subglacial lakes derived by LiDAR-mapping of the surface of Icelandic glaciers. Annals of Glaciology 54(63), 63–74, 10.3189/2013AoG63A422.

Viggó Þór Marteinsson, Árni Rúnarsson, Andri Stefánsson, Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson, Tómas Jóhannesson, Sveinn H. Magnússon, Eyjólfur Reynisson, Bergur Einarsson, N. Wade, H. G. Morrison & E. Gaidos (2012). Microbial communities in the subglacial waters of the Vatnajökull ice cap, Iceland. The ISME Journal  7, 427-437 (February 2013) | doi:10.1038/ismej.2012.97.

Emmanuel Pagneux & Árni Snorrason (2012). High-accuracy mapping of inundations induced by ice jams: A case study from Iceland. Hydrology Research 43(4), 412-421, doi:10.2166/nh.2012.114.

Guðrún Nína Petersen, Halldór Björnsson & Þórður Arason (2012). The impact of the atmosphere on the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption plume. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 117, D00U07, 14 s., doi:10.1029/2011JD016762.

Guðrún Nína Petersen, Halldór Björnsson, Þórður Arason & Sibylle von Löwis (2012). Two weather radar time series of the altitude of the volcanic plume during the May 2011 eruption of Grímsvötn, Iceland. Earth System Science Data 4, 121-127, doi:10.5194/essd-4-121-2012.

Nikolai Nawri & K. Harstveit (2012). Variability of surface wind directions over Finnmark, Norway, and coupling to the larger-scale atmospheric circulation. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 107(1-2), 15-33, doi: 10.1007/s00704-011-0458-0.

Árni Snorrason, Bergur Einarsson, Emmanuel Pagneux, Jórunn Harðardóttir,  Matthew J. Roberts, Oddur Sigurðsson,  Óðinn Þórarinsson, Philippe Crochet, Tómas Jóhannesson & Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson (2012). Floods in Iceland. In: Z. W. Kundzewicz  (ed), Changes in Flood Risk in Europe. Oxfordshire: IAHS Special Publication 10, 257-276.

Hálfdán Ágústsson & Haraldur Ólafsson (2012). The bimodal downslope windstorms at Kvisker. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 116(1-2), 27-42, doi:10.1007/s00703-010-0075-y.

Halldór Björnsson, Tómas Jóhannesson & Árni Snorrason (2011). Recent climate change, projected impacts and adaptation capacity in Iceland. Í: Linkov, I. & T. S. Bridges (ritstj.). Climate. Global change and local adaptation. Results of the NATO Advance Research Workshop, Hella, Iceland, 6.-10. júní 2010. NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - C: Environmental Security. Springer, Dordrecht, s. 465-475.

Jón Egill Kristjánsson, Sigurður Þorsteinsson, E. W. Kolstad & A.-M. Blechschmidt (2011). Orographic influence of East Greenland on a polar low over the Denmark Strait. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 137, 1773-1789, doi: 10.1002/qj.831.

Philippe Crochet & Tómas Jóhannesson (2011). A data set of gridded daily temperature in Iceland, 1949-2010. Jökull 61, 1-18.

Oddur Sigurðsson (2011). Iceland glaciers. Í: V. P. Singh, P. Singh & U. K. Haritashya (ritstj.). Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers. Springer, Dordrecht, s. 630-636.

Árni Snorrason, Jórunn Harðardóttir & Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson (2011). Climate and Energy Systems – Project Structure. In: Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson & Halldór Björnsson (eds.), Climate Change and Energy Systems. Impacts, Risks and Adaptation in the Nordic and Baltic countries (p. 17-24). TemaNord 2011: 502. Copenhagen, Nordic Council of Ministers.

Oddur Sigurðsson (2010). Variations of Mýrdalsjökull during postglacial and historical times. Í: A. Schomacker, J. Krüger & K. H. Kjær (ritstj.) . The Mýrdalsjökull Ice Cap, Iceland. Glacial processes, sediments and landforms on an active volcano, 5. Elsevier, Amsterdam, Developments in Quaternary Science 13, 69-78.

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