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Future Climate and Renewable Energy - Impacts, Risks and Adaptation 31 May - 2 June Presentations

Opening session

Anne Cathrine Gjærde, NER

Árni Snorrason, Icelandic Meteorological Office
The CES project

Jenny Gode, Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Stakeholder relevance of the CES project

Past and present changes in climate and hydrology

Keynote Anders Moberg
Past changes in climate and hydrology

Anita Verpe Dyrrdal
Analysis of past snow conditions in Norway

Philippe Crochet
Impacts of historic climate variations on streamflow characteristics in Icelandic rivers

Jurate Kriauciuniene
Regional temperature, precipitation and runoff series in the Baltic countries

Anne Fleig
Regional hydrological drought in north-western Europe and associated weather types

Climate projections

Keynote Daniela Jacob
Global climate change with regional consequences: challenges for adaptation

Erik Kjellström
An ensemble of regional climate change scenarios for the Nordic countries

Rasmus Benestad
An analysis of simulated and observed storm characteristics

Jouni Räisänen
Probability distributions of monthly-to-annual mean temperature and precipitation in a changing climate

Grigory Nikulin
Nordic weather extremes as simulated by the Rossby Centre Regional Climate Model: model evaluation and future projections

Hanna Tietäväinen
Summertime precipitation in Finland under recent and projected climate

Sara C. Pryor
Intense and extreme wind speeds over the Nordic countries

Hydrological projections, runoff

Keynote Dennis Lettenmaier
Runoff projections and impacts on water resources

Liga Kurpniece
Climate change impacts on the hydrological regime in Latvia

Deborah Lawrence
Floods in Norway under a near future 2021-2050 climate: Hydrological projections for rainfall vs. snowmelt floods and their uncertainties

Noora Veijalainen Climate change and lake regulation in Finland - Impacts and adaptation possibilities

Sten Bergström Swedish guidelines for design floods for dams in a changing climate

Hydrological projections, glaciers and ice-sheets

Tómas Jóhannesson
The impact of climate change on glaciers and glacial runoff in the Nordic countries

Regine Hock
Volume changes of the glaciers in Scandinavia and Iceland in the 21st century

Horst Machguth
Surface mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Paakitsoq Area, Illulisat, West Greenland - Scenarios and related uncertainties

Climate Change effects on renewable energy

Birger Mo
The Nordic power system in 2020 - Impacts from changing climatic conditions

Claude Demers
Impacts and adaptation of the hydroelectric industry in the province of Québec, Canada

Úlfar Linnet
Hydropower in Iceland: Impacts and adaptation in future climate

Ashraful Alam
Forest biomass for energy production - potentials, management and risks under climate change

Dougal Burnett
Climate change and the UK solar energy resource

Risks, potential and adaptation

Keynote Ilkka Savolainen
Risks and opportunies for renewable energy caused by climate change

Lucy Cradden
Climate change and UK electricity network capacity

Edward James-Smith
Using the CES risk framework in the distribution sector

Jaana Keränen
Case study - Using the CES risk assessment framework in the biomass and wind power sectors


Árni Snorrason, Icelandic Meteorological Office

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