Last updated 31.03.2020 - at. 02:33

SIGMET for the last six hours

BIRD SIGMET A01 VALID 310200/310600 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV MTW FCST WI N6330 W01910 - N6620 W01750 - N6630 W01230 - N6350 W01340 - N6330 W01910 FL250/400 STNR NC
BIRD SIGMET A06 VALID 302200/310200 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV TURB FCST WI N6440 W01740 - N6620 W01800 - N6640 W01310 - N6450 W01310 - N6440 W01740 FL250/400 STNR NC

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