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Last updated 31.03.2020 - at. 03:04

SIGMET for the last six hours

BIRD SIGMET A01 VALID 310200/310600 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV MTW FCST WI N6330 W01910 - N6620 W01750 - N6630 W01230 - N6350 W01340 - N6330 W01910 FL250/400 STNR NC
BIRD SIGMET A06 VALID 302200/310200 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV TURB FCST WI N6440 W01740 - N6620 W01800 - N6640 W01310 - N6450 W01310 - N6440 W01740 FL250/400 STNR NC

METAR from the last three hours

BIAR2020-03-31 03.00METAR BIAR 310300Z 20017G29KT 9999 -DZ OVC047 07/01 Q1021 RMK WIND VADLAHEIDI 23433KT
BIAR2020-03-31 02.00METAR BIAR 310200Z 19020G32KT 150V210 9999 -DZ OVC046 06/01 Q1021 RMK WIND VADLAHEIDI 23533KT
BIAR2020-03-31 01.00METAR BIAR 310100Z 19013KT 170V230 9999 -RA OVC033 06/01 Q1022 RMK WIND VADLAHEIDI 24835KT
BIEG2020-03-31 03.00METAR BIEG 310300Z 23021G33KT 9999 FEW050 SCT150 BKN200 06/00 Q1021
BIEG2020-03-31 02.00METAR BIEG 310200Z 23021KT 9999 FEW050 SCT084 BKN140 06/M01 Q1021
BIEG2020-03-31 01.00METAR BIEG 310100Z 23019G29KT 9999 FEW050 SCT084 BKN170 07/M01 Q1023
BIKF2020-03-31 03.00METAR BIKF 310300Z 22022KT 9000 BR BKN008 OVC065 06/05 Q1026
BIKF2020-03-31 02.30METAR BIKF 310230Z 22019KT 9000 BR BKN009 OVC065 06/05 Q1027
BIKF2020-03-31 02.00METAR BIKF 310200Z 22023KT 9999 BKN010 OVC065 06/05 Q1027
BIKF2020-03-31 01.30METAR BIKF 310130Z 23021KT 9999 BKN010 OVC065 06/05 Q1027
BIKF2020-03-31 01.01METAR BIKF 310101Z 23021KT 9999 BKN011 OVC069 06/05 Q1028
BIKF2020-03-31 00.30METAR BIKF 310030Z 23021KT 9999 BKN013 OVC069 06/05 Q1028
BIRK2020-03-31 03.00METAR BIRK 310300Z 22015KT 8000 BR SCT010 BKN013 OVC020 06/04 Q1027
BIRK2020-03-31 02.00METAR BIRK 310200Z 22015KT 9000 BR SCT011 BKN013 OVC019 06/03 Q1028
BIRK2020-03-31 01.00METAR BIRK 310100Z 22014KT 9000 BR BKN013 OVC019 06/03 Q1029

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