Web-pages related to the Grímsvötn eruption 2011

An overview


This is an overview of web-sites related to the Grímsvötn eruption in 2011:

Update on the volcanic eruption 21 - 30 May
Photos from the eruption 21 - 25 May
Vatnajökull monitoring (larger area)
Lightning detection system from the UK Met Office (current lightning only)
VAAC Volcanic ash advisory in London (current information only)
Institute of Earth Sciences University of Iceland
The crater at Grímsvötn - news 25 May
Ash measurements - news 24 May
Ash plume and ligtnings - news 22 May
Eruption has started in Grímsvötn - news 21 May

The map below shows various reported ash fall 21 - 25 May 2011.  Grímsvötn volcanic site in red.

Íslandskort - punktar

A time-lapse video from Jón Helgason shows volcanic ash approaching Reykjavík 22 May 2011.

Other related web sites

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