Volcanic gases

Gas pollution forecast, distribution model and registration form for gas pollution.

Below is a text forecast regarding gas pollution from the eruption in Fagradalsfjall. At the bottom of the page is a forecast model showing sulfur pollution (SO2 and SO4) in inhabited areas for the next 48 hours.

Gas Dispersion Forecast

No activity is detected in the crater in Meradalir. Localized gas contamination is still possible.

Forecast made: 23.08.2022 09:19. Valid until: 27.08.2022 00:00.

SO2 at the surface overestimated in CalPuff, developement ongoing.

Please note that verification data indicates that SO2 at the surface is overestimated in the CalPuff model. The model gives good indication of the position and timing of the volcanic gas in the atmosphere but to get real time information on gas contamination at specific locations monitor the SO2 measurements from the Icelandic Environmental Agency,

Further development of the dispersion model is ongoing.

Volcanic gases

Further information regarding gas pollution

Important message for those visiting the eruption site

  • Gas pollution at the eruption site can at any time exceed danger levels. The eruptive plume follows the wind direction, and it is therefore safer to watch the eruption with the wind direction behind you, rather than towards you.

  • In calm/light wind (<5 m/s) gas can accumulate in the valleys, then circulation is controlled by the landscape and gas can exceed danger levels far up the slopes, all around the eruption site. In such cases, spectators need to move up to higher ground levels such as mountains and ridges and not stay on the slopes just above the eruption.

  • Choose a walking route according to the wind forecast for the time of the walk.

  • Avoid taking dogs with you to the eruption site. Dogs are more exposed to gas pollution as they are closer to the ground. Fluoride can also accumulate in puddles in the area.

IMO has set up a weather station at the eruption site, with repeated measurements every hour.

Recommendations from the Environment Agency regarding pollution from the eruption site can be found here and a link to which shows the status of air quality in inhabited areas.

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