Bad weather is expected


The Icelandic Meteorological Office wants to emphasize the extremely bad weather  that is expected tomorrow Friday 24th of February. Windspeed is expected to be 20 - 28 m/s (45 - 62 miles/hour) in the south and west part after noon, tomorrow with strong gusts up to 40 m/s (90 miles/hour). Moderate to heavy precipitation is expected,  first snow and later sleet or rain. Poor visibility and very poor driving conditions in many parts.

On the road over Hellisheidi snow is expected early in the morning and poor visibility may be expected early in the morning, also that the most severe conditions on the road between Reykjavik and Keflavik will be between 14 and 17 in the afternoon. Becoming moderate southwesterly winds tomorrow evening, with showers of rain or sleet.

The weather moves to the northwest over the country and becoming strong winds also in the north and east part in the afternoon. The most severe conditions there will be there in the evening, southeasterly 20-28 m/s and gusts up to 40 m/s in the mountains. Winds moderating after midnight.

Heavy rain is expected in the southeast part late tomorrow.

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