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Conference on earthquakes - 28.10.2009

An international conference on earthquakes, pre-earthquake processes and earthquake prediction research was held in the memory of Sigurður Th. Rögnvaldsson. Read more
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Strong gales - 15.10.2009

A great storm passed over Iceland on October 9th and well into the following morning. IMO's web-site was heavily relied upon as a source of information. Read more
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A new banner on our web-site - 2.10.2009

For easy promotion of projects, conferences and lectures Read more
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Earthquakes and pre-earthquake processes - 7.9.2009

An international conference on earthquakes, pre-earthquake processes and earthquake prediction research will be held in the memory of Sigurður Th. Rögnvaldsson, geophysicist, who died on 25th October 1999. He was highly respected in earthquake research in Iceland. Read more
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Lecture on abrupt changes in summer sea ice extent - 27.8.2009

Dr. Bruno Tremblay gave a lecture on abrupt changes in summer sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean at IMO's headquarters in Reykjavík, 28th August. Read more
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A lecture on Ecological Economics - 24.8.2009

Dr. Robert Costanza gives a public lecture at the University of Iceland: "Using the global recession as an opportunity to create a sustainable and desirable future." Read more
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The design of avalanche protection dams - 28.7.2009

A book published in 2009 discusses the design of protective measures in the run-out zones of snow avalanches. Recent theoretical developments and the results of field and laboratory studies are summarised and combined with traditional design principles to form a new framework for the design.

Read more

New web for mobiles - 26.6.2009

A version, designed for mobiles, is now available at, presenting popular information from IMO. Read more
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New version for new IMO - 22.3.2009

An improved version of the web-site accomodates for IMO's new role and extended responsibilities. Read more
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Geographic Names of Iceland's glaciers: Historic and Modern - 9.2.2009

A book published in 2008 provides information about all named glaciers in Iceland, historic and modern. Maps, oblique aerial photographs, ground photographs, and satellite images document each glacier. Read more
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A new IMO has been launched - 9.2.2009

A new institute was created 1st January, which retains IMO's well known name, the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Read more

The weather in Iceland 2008 - 13.1.2009

The weather was favourable in 2008. The summer half of the year, May to September was unusually warm in the South and West. October was the only cold month of the year.

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