17 April 2010

30th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting - 28.12.2011

The 30th Nordic Geological Winter Meeting will be held in Reykjavík in January 2012.

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hús og gangstétt

The reception at the Icelandic Met Office and projects - 21.12.2011

The Icelandic Met Office's new reception was opened on December 16th at Bústaðavegur 7. IMO is now located in two adjacent buildings, Bústaðavegur 7 and 9.

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Global Cryosphere Watch - 22.11.2011

The cryosphere collectively describes elements of the Earth System containing water in its frozen state and includes solid precipitation, snow cover, sea ice, lake and river ice, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost, and seasonally frozen ground. The Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) should enhance the capability of the research community and operational services to predict the future state of the cryosphere.

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The Annual Meeting of CRAICC held in Iceland - 10.10.2011

The ANNUAL Meeting of the CRAICC Project, Cryosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Arctic Climate, is held in Iceland between Oct 10 and 14, 2011. On behalf of IMO the project SVALI, Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice, is presented, and a field trip arranged.

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Earthquake activity in Katla volcano October 2011 - 5.10.2011

05.10.2011. Earthquakes are taking place in the Katla volcano, within the volcano's caldera, which is covered by the Mýrdalsjökull ice-cap. The current period of unrest began in July 2011 when a short-lived glacial flood burst from Mýrdalsjökull in connection with increased seismicity. Since then, several hundred micro-earthquakes have taken place within the area of the caldera.

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A fissure from 1912 by Selssund in Rangárvellir.

42nd Nordic Seismology Seminar - 1.10.2011

The 42nd Nordic Seismology Seminar will be held in Reykjavík 5 – 7 October 2011. It is hosted in turn by each of the Nordic Countries and is therefore in Iceland every fifth year.

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Risk assessment of volcanic eruptions - 1.9.2011

The Icelandic government approved
on August 26th a proposal for the preparation of a general risk assessment regarding volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Studies indicate that volcanic activity in Iceland rises
and falls.

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Gígjökull flood

Workshop on Jökulhlaup Hazards - 17.8.2011

The April 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull represented the first modern-day opportunity in Iceland to study jökulhlaups from an ice-capped stratovolcano. On Thursday 25 August 2011, flooding issues from the eruption were explored in an interactive workshop, held at IMO.

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SAG award 2011

IMO receives Special Achievement Award for Exceptional Application of Geospatial Technology - 26.7.2011

This award acknowledges vision, leadership, hard work, and innovative use of Esri's geographic information system (GIS) technology.

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Glacier-outburst flood from Mýrdalsjökull - 11.7.2011

The jökulhlaup (glacier-outburst flood) which came from Mýrdalsjökull early morning Saturday 9th July, and swept away a bridge over Múlakvísl, came from ice cauldrons in southeastern part of the Katla volcano.

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raise the flag

Iceland acquires full voting rights at ECMWF - 21.6.2011

As a Member State, Iceland acquired full voting rights at the ECMWF Council, starting at the 75th Council session on 16 and 17 June 2011.

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The crater at Grímsvötn - 25.5.2011

The eruption site was observed during a flight yesterday evening. Water is clearly seen in the fissure. The eruptive activity is now concentrated at two small vents surrounded by a thin circle of tephra.

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Ash measurements - 24.5.2011

The Icelandic Meteorological Office uses a LIDAR instrument to measure ash layers and weather radars to monitor the eruption plume.

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ash plume

Ash plume and lightnings - 22.5.2011

The height of the ash plume has been around 10 - 15 km this morning. Lightnings are much more intensive than in the Eyjafjallajökull eruption last year. For further information, see Update.

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Eruption has started in Grímsvötn - 21.5.2011

An eruption began at Grímsvötn volcano at approximately 17:30 UTC, May 21st 2011.

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child on a footpath

Safe travelling - 18.5.2011

The web-site provides important information for tourists travelling in Iceland.

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ash cloud

A year since the Eyjafjallajökull eruption began - 18.4.2011

The eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano began 14th April 2010. For a review, some links are provided as well as new photographs of the summit crater.

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contract signed

Iceland a member of ECMWF - 10.3.2011

Iceland will become ECMWF’s nineteenth Member State. As a full Member State, Iceland will acquire full voting rights at the ECMWF Council from the date of entry into force of the agreement. The agreement will enter into force on the first day of the second month following the deposit of its instrument of accession.

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NONAM organises a PhD summer school - 2.3.2011

Are you a PhD student with an interest in adaptive management in relation to climate change? NONAM and FIVA organize a PhD summer school in Copenhagen in August. Deadline for registration is 30 April 2011. Applicants must include a brief description of their PhD or research project and a recommendation from their supervisor supporting their participation.

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waterfall under clear blue sky

The weather in Iceland 2010 - 21.1.2011

The weather in Iceland was highly unusual in 2010. This applies especially to the South and West parts of the country where the year was one of the warmest and driest on record and the snowfall was unusually light. The barometric pressure reached the highest annual value on record. The climate was very favourable and windstorms markedly fewer than usual.

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