Calm sea, snow covered islands

Christmas weather during the last 60 years - 18.12.2008

Simple maps show the main features of the weather at Christmas Day and Christmas Eve since 1949. Read more
aerial photo of a valley glacier

IMO's glaciologist in 'NBC Today' - 25.11.2008

Last week, there was a program on the news channel NBC, covering Iceland's clues to climate change. Read more
Handshake when charter was signed

IICWG charter signed - 31.10.2008

Today Magnús Jónsson signed the charter of the International Ice Charting Working Group in presence of Dr. Jens Sunde. Read more
Arni Snorrason

Preparing a merger - 18.9.2008

The minister of the environment has chosen Árni Snorrason to be the director general of the new Icelandic Meteorological Office. Read more

Solar eclipse on 1st August - 31.7.2008

In 1st August 2008, a solar eclipse will take place. In Reykjavík, a partial eclipse will begin at 08:15 GMT, reaching a maximum at 09:11 GMT. The eclipse will end by 10:09 GMT. Read more

A heatwave in Iceland - 31.7.2008

On 30 July, new maximum temperature records were set at several Icelandic stations. Read more
the globe and an advertisement

A lecture on dust storms from glacial outwash plains - 26.6.2008

Dr. Joseph M Prospero from CIMAS at Miami University wants to a coordinate study of dust source and transport processes on Iceland. Read more
map with arrows indicating tectonics

The crust has changed - 20.6.2008

The strong earthquake caused considerable tectonic changes. Read more
Directors of two institutes.

The new Act on IMO - 6.6.2008

A new institute will be created by merging IMO and the hydrology unit of the National Energy Authority in January 2009. Read more
Upptök jarðskjálftans í Ölfusi

Outline of the earthquake fault in Ölfus - 30.5.2008

The map shows the location of the damaging earthquake that struck yesterday afternoon. Read more
map of Ölfus shows a cluster of dots representing earthquakes

Seismic activity through the night - 30.5.2008

Small afterquakes have been more or less continuous in Ölfus during the night. Read more
map of SW Iceland showing recent earthquakes as dots and stars

A strong earthquake - 29.5.2008

An earthquake, size 6.1, was found in Iceland this afternoon. Read more
group of 40 delegates photographed outside

EUMETNET meeting in Reykjavík - 29.5.2008

28 - 29 May 2008 the steering meeting of EUMETNET is held in Reykjavík. Read more
logo of Icelandic Parliament

A new Act on IMO - 29.4.2008

A new institute will be created by merging IMO and the hydrology unit of the National Energy Authority in January 2009. Read more
A boy looking at frozen reed.

Acquiring knowledge for our future - 10.4.2008

In Budapest, Hungary, IPCC are holding their 28th session on climate change. Read more
Moon halo with bright spots.

Wolves chasing the Easter moon - 3.4.2008

On the eve of Good Friday, an unusual phenomenon was seen in the dark night sky. Read more

Easter weatherforecast 2008 - 18.3.2008

Based on forecast model from ECMWF, 18. march 2008 Read more
Iceland covered by snow

Iceland - snow white - 10.3.2008

A satellite image shows Iceland covered by snow.

Read more

New and improved English web by IMO - 6.3.2008

A new improved English version of IMO's web-site is now available with detailed forecasts. Read more
Svarfaðardalur um jól 2007

The weather in Iceland 2007 - 21.2.2008

During 2007, warmer conditions that have prevailed since 2000 dominated again.

Read more

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