Increased likelihood of a volcanic eruption in the coming days. - 27.2.2024

Updated 23. February at 15:00 UTC

Model calculations indicate that approximately 5 million cubic meters of magma have now accumulated beneath Svartsengi. Considering the precedent set by the previous volcanic eruptions in the Sundhnúkur crater row, the likelihood of an eruption is very high once the volume reaches 8-13 million cubic meters. Based on the results of the model calculations, this could occur early next week if magma accumulation continues at the current rate.

It should be noted that there is a degree of uncertainty in this interpretation, and it cannot be asserted that the behavior will be identical to the last eruption. Additionally, there is a possibility that magma could migrate from Svartsengi to the Sundhnúkur crater row without resulting in a volcanic eruption.

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New understanding of ultra-rapid formation of magma filled cracks in the Earth - 8.2.2024

On 10 November 2023 the town of Grindavík in Iceland was evacuated as massive amounts of magma suddenly flowed into a magma filled crack that propagated underneath the town. Magma was emplaced in a 'vertical sheet' type intrusion in the Earth's crust. An international team of scientists explains the formation of the intrusion, and conditions for ultra-rapid flow into cracks, in a new publication in the prestigious scientific journal Science.

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Conclusion of Grímsvötn Glacial Outburst Flood - 23.1.2024

Updated 23 January at 9:00 UTC

Since the glacial flood reached its peak in the river Gígjukvísl approximately a week ago, the water level has been decreasing and is now comparable to what it was before the flood. The seismic tremor measured on the seismometer at Grímsfjall has also declined, with seismic noise now back to normal levels. Since last week Monday, 21 earthquakes have been recorded in Grímsvötn, including two earthquakes exceeding magnitude two.

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